How do I print?

In general, printing a Wikipedia page is as simple as selecting print from your web browser. The MediaWiki software that Wikipedia runs on uses Cascading Style Sheets to specify the style and layout of the printable version of a page. In modern browsers, the print function of the browser should automatically use the rules in the style sheets when you print an article, therefore the print command of your web browser is all you normally need to use. Certain page elements normally do not print; these include section edit links, navigation boxes, message boxes and metadata.

Download as PDF

Clicking on “Download as PDF“ causes the current article you were viewing to be rendered as a PDF. The progress of doing the rendering is displayed and when it reaches 100 percent you are offered the opportunity to download the PDF file by clicking the blue Download the file prompt. The PDF file is then displayed and you can save it as you normally would save a PDF file.

Printable Version

Clicking on this link takes the user to a version of the webpage that does not contain the headers, footers and toolbars found on any given page in the website. The view observed on the screen will be what the user obtains when they print from this page.

Printing Templates

All templates featured within the Minnesota Public Drainage Manual can be downloaded to a user's computer, or you can print the file directly from the link within the MPDM site.

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