Can I Provide Feedback on the New Site?

The new Mediawiki format allows stakeholders to provide feedback that may relate to pages of the updated Minnesota Public Drainage Manual.

Help Improve this Page

Near the bottom of each article is place where the reader may comment on the article. The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources would like your feedback. Sharing your feedback with the editors will help improve the content within the manual.

Enter your suggestions in the text box and then click the Post your Feedback button. Be aware that filters are in place to prevent spam or profanity from being saved in the system.

There is a limit to text that can be entered, which is approximately 50 lines. Please note: the system records the IP address from which the comment was made.

Comments will be addressed and reviewed. Often, staff will enter a statement describing how we responded to the comment, which can be viewed by any user.

If you are commenting within the MPDM site, please see the tips below to ensure an effective review process.

Feedback Best Practices

  • Communicate: Well reasoned feedback is appreciated. Please make sure you are communicating your thoughts clearly, supporting your feedback with facts when possible, and maintaining a friendly tone.
  • Stay on topic: The comment field is designed for discussing the content, not for general conversation about the page's subject. Keep discussions focused on how to improve the article.
  • "Be positive:' Comments should be used to discuss ways to improve an article, not to criticize or vent about the current status of a page or its subject. However, if you feel something is wrong but are not sure how to fix it, feel free to draw attention to this and ask for suggestions from others.
  • Stay objective: Comments are not a forum to argue your personal point of view about a controversial issue. Instead, this is a tool to inform the editors on how the points of view of reliable sources should be included in the article, with the end result remaining neutral. The best way to present a case is to find properly referenced material.
  • Deal with facts: The comments are an ideal place for issues relating to verification, such as asking for help finding sources, discussing conflicts or inconsistencies among sources, and examining the reliability of references. Asking for a verifiable reference supporting a statement is often better than arguing against it.
  • Avoid excessive emphasis: CAPITAL LETTERS are considered shouting and are virtually never appropriate.

Unacceptable Feedback Behavior

The following behaviors are deemed unacceptable and may result in any offender being blocked or banned from commenting on the MPDM site.

  • No personal attacks: Do not submit a personal attack, which is saying something negative about another person.
  • No insults: Do not include insults in comments, such as calling someone an "idiot" or a "fascist". Instead, explain what is wrong with an edit and how to fix it.
  • Do not threaten people
  • Never post personal details: Users who post what they believe are the personal details of other users without their consent may be blocked for any length of time, including indefinitely.
  • Do not misrepresent other people: Be precise when quoting others. Remember this often means providing the context.

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