Chapter 5: Public Drainage System Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Chapter Contents

I. Introduction to Section 5

A. Chapter Purpose

B. Chapter History and Background

C. Relation to Drainage Law and Drainage System Management

D. Best Management Practices

1. Definition

a. On-System
b. Off-System

E. Other Resources

1. Minnesota Stormwater Manual
2. USDA’s Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG)/The Ag BMP Handbook for Minnesota
3. NRCS Engineering Field Handbook
4. Red River Basin TSAC, Technical Paper No. 15

F. How to Use This Chapter

1. Step 1: Observe and identify potential problems and opportunities
2. Step 2: Determine the Cause of the Problem
3. Step 3: Select Appropriate Solution

II. Best Management Practices

BMP Table

List of BMPs

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